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The men and women in Oxford Houses pay all the expenses to maintain the individual Oxford Houses that make up the network of more than 1,400 houses.  During FY 2009, residents paid rent, utility and other household expenses of approximately $57,000,000.

During the same period of time, Oxford House, Inc. – the 501(c)(3) nonprofit national umbrella organization of individual Oxford Houses – expended $2,719,035 to start 149 new houses and to keep the national network of approximately 1400 houses on track through utilization of trained outreach workers, publications, monitoring, chapter and state associations, workshops and the national convention.

Contributions are used to [1] to maintain a revolving loan fund to provide start-up loans of up to $4,000 to start new Oxford Houses and [2] to train and supervise outreach workers who provide technical assistance for new and existing houses.

Donations can be made using Guidestar, the United Campaign Fund, Best Charities or the Combined Federal Campaign – CFC #11535.

As an independent public nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation, Oxford House, Inc. files IRS Form 990.  [Click to download]

The Oxford House 2010 Annual Report2009 Annual Report, 2008 Annual Report, 2007 Annual Report, 2006 Annual Report, 2005 Annual Report and 2004 Annual Report can each be viewed as a pdf document.

2007 Comparison of Resident Self-Help Payments and OHI Expenses

Residents in FY2007 paid $49,517,000 [37 times] OHI FY2007 expenses of $1,471,305

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