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Chapter Forms

Notebook Covers

End Labels                                                      Chairperson                                                  Vice Chair

Secretary                                                          Treasurer                                                      Housing Services

Chapter Chairperson

Chairperson Duties                                        Chapter Meeting Procedure                     Chapter Summary Report

House Activity Report                                      Meeting Agenda                                          Chapter Principles

FAQs                                                                  Role in State Assoc.                                    Tax Status

Expense Report                                               Chapter Recognition App

Chapter Vice-Chair

Vice Chair Duties

See: Chapter Chairperson Forms

Chapter Secretary

Chapter Secretary Duties

Chapter Meeting Minutes

Chapter Treasurer

Chapter Treasurer Duties                            Chapter Financial Status Report                 Chapter Dues Ledger

Chapter Audit                                                 Audit Instructions                                            Promissory Note – Revised

Chapter Housing Services Chair

Housing Services Chair Duties                  Expulsion Guidelines                                      House Rating Report

Presentation Preparation Outline                Presentations to Professionals                   Communication

Inspection Form                                              HSC                                                                   HSC Notes

Housing Services Committee Packet           OK Directory of Treatment Centers




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